How to download maps for offline usage in Sports Tracker Nokia Symbian

Sports Tracker for Symbian uses OpenStreetMaps for their map display. By default the map is downloaded when you are connected to the Internet (online) while you scroll around the area that you looking at. You will need to do it again for a different zoom level. Here is a method where you can download the map into your PC and transfer the map files into your Symbian phone.

Using Mobile Atlas Creator, you can download map files from OpenStreetMap into your PC and transfer them to your Symbian phone. You can now use your Sports Tracker app with a preloaded map with multiple zoom levels.

Create an Atlas (offline map) with the Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC)

1. Create a folder "Atlas" on your desktop. This will be used to store the downloaded map files.

2. Run MOBAC application.
3. Cancel Atlas Content request if displayed, when MOBAC is used for the first time.
4. Click "Settings" button.
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5. Go to "Directories" tab.
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6. Click "Select" and select the "Atlas" folder you have just created.
7. Select "OpenStreetMaps Mapnik" as the Map source.
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8. In "Zoom Levels" setting, you can check all 16 levels but selecting them all means that whatever zooming you do with the maps you will have all the map tiles available. However, if you don't need to use all the zoom levels, you can save much download time and storage space by reducing the selections of zoom levels.
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9. Select the map area that you want to download for your atlas by holding down the left mouse button and drawing a box for your area. You can move around the map by holding down the right mouse button and dragging around the map.

10. Create new atlas by clicking on the New button at the bottom of Atlas Content.
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11. Select "Sportstracker" format from the list and give your atlas a name.
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12. In the "Name" box, type "Street".

13. Click "Add Selection". 
Your selection will be added to the "Atlas Content" list and a folder named "Street" will appear. If you wish, you can save this as profile and re-use it in the "Saved Profiles" section of the menu.

14. Click "Create atlas" button to create the atlas (offline maps tiles) for Sports Tracker.
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Transfer the Atlas (offline map) to your Symbian Phone
1. Look into the "Atlas" folder in your PC. There will be a folder called "Maps_yyyy-mm-dd_hhmmss", and inside there is another folder called "Street".

2. Connect your Symbian phone as Mass Storage mode.

3. In your external memory E drive, locate E:\System\Data\ST Maps folder. In that folder, there is an existing folder named Street.

4. Merge the Street folder from your PC to your Symbian phone.

Configure your Sports Tracker to only use the Atlas (offline map)
1. Open Sports Tracker application in your Symbian phone.

2. In the Settings > General > Map Material, select Phone. If you want to use both offline and online maps, select Phone and network.

3. Now start a workout, look at the map and it will display the offline map very fast (as long as the workout area is in the area you have downloaded from MOBAC).


  1. Sports Tracker FAQ: Can i use offline maps when i'm not in a network area?
  2. Sports Tracker
  3. Mobile Atlas Creator
  4. OpenStreetMap


  1. thank you. glad it helped you.

  2. Thanks but it does not work anymore. This application's access to OSM is blocked when zooming in at some level of detail. Probably due to overuse...

    Any alternative?


  3. can you have multiple maps in the "ST Maps" folder?
    does the map need to be called "street" or are other names possible to?

    i have one large overal map called "street" and this works, but can is add other zoomed in maps of that region?


    1. No, you cannot have multiple maps in the folder. The folder name has to be "street". I am not sure about what do you mean by the zoomed maps of that region. Mobac will download all the zoom levels for you.

    2. Thanks for the reply.

      What i meant with the zoomed in maps: i 'll try to explain it with an example.
      I have the whole country Belgium in one zoom level (lets say zoom 6). I also include a city where I'm going to walk with smaller zoom levels (13 , 14 , 15) Al works fine. The next time I want to visit an other city and want to add the zoom levels of the new city to the previous atlas.
      Is this possible?


    3. Yes, i believe it's possible. All the downloaded map tiles files have its special names and their zoom levels are divided into folders. What you can do is, download the new area in higher zoom levels and merge the files by just copy and paste onto your existing downloaded maps. Skip all files replacement if prompted and that would make sure only new files (higher zoom levels) are copied.

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this. I've only used Sports Tracker occasionally.. it had potential but really fell short because of the lack of maps when trying to view the routes I'd done. Using this guide I've actually managed to get it to show my routes on the map! Sports tracker is now a wicked tool!
    For others who use this guide, be aware there's no point choosing to go beyond zoom level 13 - the map website doesn't support it properly - it's not really necessary anyway though.
    Thanks so much again for your time and effort - it's really made Sports Tracker complete for me. I'll get myself a handlebar mount for my bike and use it every time I go out now. Superb! :-)
    Very very pleased!

    1. You are welcome. Thank you for your generous compliments. I am glad that this write up had helped you.

  5. It looks great but, I'm stuck here
    I don't seem to find the E:\System\Data\ST Maps folder
    on my phone

    1. Hello Patrick, as I am not using Nokia 5800 anymore, let me try to help you from my memory. Do you mean that you have folder levels down to E:\System\Data ? Or the whole folder hierarchy is missing? You could try to manually create the folders and copy the map tiles into it.

      There is so much changes done to the application I am not sure the application still uses the tile cache. Maybe some of the visitors here can help you out.

  6. Thanks for the post. It is working with Nokia C7 with Hungarian free hiking atlases :D

    1. Thanks for the inform. Good to know that it's working with Nokia C7.

  7. Thanks for the guide. Can I expand an ready-made map area by copy the new files to the folder? Is it so simple?

  8. Thank you. Unfortunately, my Nokia N8 does not have a folder called Data or ST Maps. So, I succeeded in creating the maps but now I do not know where to copy it....


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