Flash Video No Longer Saved in tmp Directory

The recent update to the flashplugin-installer package in Ubuntu (10.04) Lucid Lynx has change how Adobe caches temporary downloaded flash video (flv) for playback in browsers. Although there are many software available to download the flash video but copying from /tmp directory is the most easiest and convenient for me.

The solution for me is to downgrade the flashplugin-installer in my Ubuntu machine so i can use back the feature.

  1. Run Synaptic Package Manager.
  2. Search for flashplugin-installer.
  3. Select the flashplugin-installer package.
  4. Goto Package > Force Version.
  5. Select version.
  6. Hit Apply to downgrade the package version.
  7. After the downgrade, goto Package > Lock Version.
Note: I have saved the deb file just in case.


  1. Or, you can search in ~/.mozilla/firefox/????????.default/Cache instead of /tmp .


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