Incoming Caller ID (Name) Not Showing

Sometimes you might wonder why does the incoming caller ID does not show up from your phone calls. There are several reasons.
Those reasons might be:
  1. Duplicate entries in contacts This is the most common cause. If the phone finds the same number in more than one contacts, it does not know which contact name to show. It will then default to show the number instead. To fix this, the duplicate entries must be remove.
  2. Using your international dial code instead of '+' Not sure if this applies to all phones, but if you store your number using your country's international dial code (example: 004412345678990) instead of the '+' sign (example: +4412345678990), it will cause the incoming caller id not showing.
  3. "(0)" area code prefixes Only a problem if you synced your contacts with MS Outlook / PC Suite. When you specify a country in MS Outlook / PC Suite, it will insert "(0)" into your phone number after the country code +603123456789 becomes +60 (03) 23456789. You need to remove the (0).


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