How To Sign An Unsigned Nokia 5800 XM Applications

Symbian has an added security measure that built into it's OS v9.x phones which will requires you to sign your Symbian applications before installing them.

Only applications and games from trusted developers that have developers' certificate are pre-signed with that certificate so that you can install them directly. 

In order to sign your unsigned Nokia 5800 XM applications, you need to get a certificate and sign them yourselves.
Get Your Certificate (Pre-Requisite)
  1. Goto OPDA.
  2. Register as an user.
  3. Provide your IMEI number. The certificate will be ready for download in 10 to 12 hours time.
Sign Your Unsigned Application

Offline Signing
  1. Download SignSISTool.
  2. Download your Certificate and Key files from OPDA.
  3. Download your unsigned application.
  4. Sign the unsigned application with the SignSISTool with your downloaded certificate, key and unsigned application.
Online Signing
  1. Download your unsigned application.
  2. Goto OPDA online application signing.
  3. Select your certificate.
  4. Upload your unsigned application.
  5. Download your signed application.
In-Phone Signing
  1. Download FreeSigner Symbian application.
  2. This is an unsigned version, so you will need to sign this application via online or offline.
  3. After signed, install the application into your Nokia phone.
  4. Download your Certificate and Key files from OPDA.
  5. Download your unsigned application.
  6. Sign the unsigned application with the FreeSigner application in your phone with your downloaded certificate, key and unsigned application.

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  1. Thanks it works well on my 5800

  2. it takes a lot of days to get my cert and key...

  3. i have not yet received my certificate and key for 5800xm


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