Ten Google Search Tricks To Ease Our Life

These are ten useful Google search trick that Google had build into their search box. My daily search of information in the internet had been made easy by these. Each of these search trick will return a customized result that positioned at the top of the rest of the results' list (except the website search and dictionary).
Search Within a Website or Domain
Format: {search keywords}{space}site:{site.com/org/net/...}
Example: linux site:almost-a-technocrat.blogspot.com

Use it as a Dictionary
Format: define:{term or word}
Example: define: linux

Use it as a Calculator
Format: {equation}=

Check the World Time
Format: time{SPACE}{CITY}

Check the Weather
Format: weather{SPACE}{city and state/U.S. zip code/city and country}

Convert a Currency
Format: {amount}{SPACE}{currency}{SPACE}in{target currency}
Example: 10 MYR in SGD

Convert a Unit
Format: {number}{SPACE}{unit to convert}{SPACE}in{target unit}
Example: 10 miles in km

Check the World Sunrises and Sunsets Time
Format: sunrise{SPACE}{CITY} / sunset{SPACE}{CITY}

Check the Local Movies Showtime
Format: movies{SPACE}{movie name}{SPACE}{city} / movies{SPACE}{city}

Look For a Location in Map
Format: map{SPACE}{city/country}


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