Google Sync with Mail for Exchange on Nokia 5800 XM

These are the settings for synchronizing your online Google data with your Nokia 5800 XM smartphone using the Mail for Exchange software. Refer to this post for a video on how to start setup the Mail for Exchange on Nokia 5800 XM. The latest Mail for Exchange v3.0 is available in OVI store.

Note : red fonts means essential setting.
Exchange server :
Secure connection : Yes
Access Point : {destinations choices from the 5800 connectivity setting}
Sync while roaming : No / Yes, on peak only / Yes, always
Use default port : Yes

Username : {full Gmail address}
Password : {Gmail password}
Domain : or google or "empty"

Sync schedule
Peak sync schedule : Manual / Always on / Every {time interval preset}
Off-peak sync schedule : Manual / Always on / Every {time interval preset}
Peak start time : {hh:mm AM/PM}
Peak end time : {hh:mm AM/PM}
Peak days : {Mon - Sun}
In case of conflict : Server wins / Phone wins

Synchronize calendar : Yes / No
Sync calendar back : {time interval presets}
Initial sync : Delete items on phone / Keep items on phone

Tasks (not supported by Google Sync currently)
Synchronize tasks : Yes / No
Sync completed tasks : Yes / No
Initial sync : Delete items on phone / Keep items on phone

Synchronize contacts : Yes / No
Initial sync  : Delete items on phone / Keep items on phone

Synchronize email : Yes / No
Email address : {full Gmail address}
Show new mail popup : Yes / No
Use signature : Yes /No
Signature : {your custom signature}
When sending mail : Send immediately / Send at next sync only
Sync message back : {time interval presets}

Out Of Office
Out Of Office : Yes / No
Message : {your out of office message}

References :
  1. Google Mobile Sync
  2. Google Sync Setup Instructions for Nokia devices
  3. How to Setup Mail for Exchange on Nokia 5800 XM
  4. Nokia Mail for Exchange


  1. Before updating this service please stop Gmail app running in background and then update. Simply done. You can now add exchange account sign in gmail


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