Setup Gmail Using the Built-In Email Client in Nokia 5800XM

From firmware v41 onwards the default email setup flow in the phone seems to run Nokia Email setup by default. However, the old default email client still exist in the phone. This is for those who are still have the love for the older email client in Nokia 5800 XM.
  1. Messaging > Settings > Sync e-mail
  2. Double tap Mailboxes
  3. Click "Yes" if asked to define a mailbox.
  4. A setup wizard will start. Click "Start" to begin setup.
  5. Page 1/6: Mailbox type
  6. Page 2/6: My e-mail address
    enter your gmail address
  7. Page 3/6: Incoming mail server
  8. Page 4/6: Outgoing mail server
  9. Page 5/6: Access point i use
    "Default connection"
  10. Page 6/6: Mailbox name
    Any name that floats your boat
  11. Click "OK" to end setup
  12. Goto your newly setup gmail in your Messaging.
  13. Goto "Options > Email Settings".
  14. Goto "Connection settings > Incoming e-mail"
  15. Set "Security" to "SSL/TLS".
  16. Goto "Connection settings > Outgoing e-mail".
  17. Set "Security" to "StartTLS" or "SSL".
  18. Set "Port" to "587" for StartTLS or "465" for SSL.

  1. Gmail setup for S60 devices


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