Increase photo quality taken from built-in camera of Nokia 5800 XM

A very well known tweak (or hack to some) for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic smartphone to increase the camera's photo JPEG compression level to 100% (default is 85%).

This tweak enable the Nokia 5800 XM to produce better looking photos with much less artifacts compare to the default settings.

However, with the increase of photo quality, it comes with a price. An increase of about 40% of file size for each photo taken.

The Tweak / Hack (you need to hack the phone in order to access C:\private):
  1. Download 10282EDC.txt.
  2. Using a 3rd party file manager, access C:\private\10202be9 folder/directory and rename the original 10282EDC.txt to 10282EDC.txt.backup.
  3. Move the downloaded 10282EDC.txt into C:\private\10202be9 folder/directory.
  4. Restart the Nokia 5800 XM smartphone.

Patch Installer (easy method):
  1. Download the patch.
  2. Goto Symbian Signed Online to sign the patch./ Refer to this post for other ways to sign the patch.
  3. Install.
  4. Restart phone.
Download Location 1: AngNetwork
Download Location 2: Ziddu
From AngNetwork forum:
enCam - Enhance camera image quality - By AngNetwork
Version: v1.0.2
Enhance camera image quality without hacking your Nokia 5800 phone.
Your camera will be alot clearer and files will be higher KB.

This will install a '10282edc.txt' into /private/10202be9/
with new compression quality and others modification.

Very noticable when taking pictures of things like flowers close up, landscapes etc
Support forum :

  1. enCam by
  2. Modified 10282EDC.txt hosted at


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