Freeing Up Nokia 5800 Phone Memory Space

The backup utility is the best feature i found in my Nokia 5800 mobile phone. Nokia provides you with a backup utility to backup all your stuff including your phone settings to your external memory card. With that you can do a *#7370# reset without any worry because you could restore all your stuff back from your backup. After the restore, everything is like as it is. Of course plus with the extra memory space i have gained.

  1. Goto Menu > Apps > File Mgr. > Backup.
  2. Make sure to set the "Backup Contents" to "All".
  3. While still in "Backup", goto "Options > Backup Now".
  4. After the backup, go back to home screen and bring up your dial pad.
  5. Dial *#7370#. As soon as i hit the last # key, reset sequence will start.
  6. After the reset sequence, go back to Menu > Apps > File Mgr. > Backup > Options > Restore.
  7. Restore all of the backup and wait for phone restart.
  1. Bluetooth pairings will be lost after the reset and it did not get backup.
    Solution: Do it again.

  2. Application icons will be reset.
    Solution: Do it again.

  3. Some applications installed in the phone memory will be lost and did not get backup-ed.
    Preventive: Try to install all appliactions to external memory.
    Solution: Find out what was the applications before reset, download the installer and reinstall it after reset and restore.


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