Winscp to Putty without PuTTY Portable Linker

Running PuTTY from portable WinSCP (with login info passed to PuTTY) would require PuTTY to be manually run at the same time. This will enable the WinSCP to run the PuTTY Portable Linker (PuTTYPortableLinker.exe) to link to PuTTY.

To skip the hassle of PuTTY Portable Linker and running PuTTY manually, simply replace the PuTTYPortableLinker.exe with PuTTY.exe and rename it to PuTTYPortableLinker.exe.

Location of PuTTYPortableLinker.exe can be found at
[Portable Apps Custom Install Path]\PortableApps\PortableApps\WinSCPPortable\App\winscp


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