RAW to Jpeg image conversion script for Nautilus Actions Configuration

  1. This script is dependent to UFRaw. Install UFRaw in order to convert.
  2. xterm is used to run the UFRaw simply because to show the progress of the conversion.
  3. Nautilus-actions parameters: %d "%M"


export FILE_PATH=$1
export FILE=$2

#Create directory
if [ ! -d $FILE_PATH/Converted_JPEGs ];
    then mkdir $FILE_PATH/Converted_JPEGs;

#Convert RAW image file to Jpeg
xterm -e "ufraw-batch \
        --wb=camera \
        --exposure=auto \
        --out-type=jpeg \
        --compression=96 \
        --overwrite \
        --out-path=$FILE_PATH/Converted_JPEGs \


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