My Conky Script

An online backup and sharing of my conky script.


background yes
use_xft yes
xftfont 123:size=8
xftalpha 0.1
update_interval 10
total_run_times 0
own_window yes
own_window_type normal
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
double_buffer yes
minimum_size 250 5
maximum_width 400
draw_shades no
draw_outline no
draw_borders no
draw_graph_borders no
default_color gray
default_shade_color red
default_outline_color green
alignment top_right
gap_x 10
gap_y 10
no_buffers no
uppercase no
cpu_avg_samples 2
net_avg_samples 1
override_utf8_locale yes
use_spacer right
text_buffer_size 256

${font Arial:size=20}${color Tan1}UBUNTU ${color Ivory}Linux
${voffset -90}
${color DimGray}
${font Arial:bold:size=10}${color Tan1}SYSTEM ${color DarkSlateGray} ${hr 2}
$font${color DimGray}$sysname $kernel $alignr $machine
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core +3800 $alignr${freq_g cpu0}Ghz
NVidia GeForce 7300 LE GPU $alignr${nvidia gpufreq}Mhz
NVidia GeForce 7300 LE Memory $alignr${nvidia memfreq}Mhz
Uptime $alignr${uptime}
File System $alignr${fs_type}
$font${color DimGray}CPU$alignr${cpu cpu0}%
${cpubar cpu0}
RAM MEM $alignc $mem / $memmax $alignr $memperc%
Swap $alignc ${swap} / ${swapmax} $alignr ${swapperc}%
Disk I/O Graph$alignr${diskio /dev/sda}/s
${diskiograph /dev/sda}
${font Arial:bold:size=10}${color Tan1}TOP MEM USERS${color DarkSlateGray}${hr 2}
${color DimGray}$font${top_mem name 1}${alignr}${top mem 1} %
$font${top_mem name 2}${alignr}${top mem 2} %
$font${top_mem name 3}${alignr}${top mem 3} %
$font${top_mem name 4}${alignr}${top mem 4} %

${font Arial:bold:size=10}${color Tan1}TOP PROCESSES${color DarkSlateGray}${hr 2}
${color DimGray}$font${top name 1} ${alignc}${top pid 1} ${alignr}${top cpu 1}.%
${top name 2} ${alignc}${top pid 2} ${alignr}${top cpu 2}.%
${top name 3} ${alignc}${top pid 3} ${alignr}${top cpu 3}.%
${top name 4} ${alignc}${top pid 4} ${alignr}${top cpu 4}.%

${font Arial:bold:size=10}${color Tan2}NETWORK ${color DarkSlateGray}${hr 2}
$font${color DimGray}IP on eth0 $alignr ${addr eth0}
Download Speed: $alignr${downspeed eth0}/s
Upload Speed: $alignr${upspeed eth0}/s
Downloaded: $alignr${totaldown eth0}
Uploaded: $alignr${totalup eth0}

${font Arial:bold:size=10}${color Tan2}PC INTERNAL WEATHER ${color DarkSlateGray}${hr 2}
$font${color DimGray}Motherboard Temperature $alignr${hwmon 1 temp 2}°C
CPU Temperature $alignr${hwmon 1 temp 1}°C
NVidia GPU Temperature $alignr${nvidia temp}°C
sda Temperature $alignr${hddtemp /dev/sda}°C
sdb Temperature $alignr${hddtemp /dev/sdb}°C
CPU Fan Speed $alignr${hwmon 1 fan 1} RPM
Rear Chasis Fan Speed $alignr${hwmon 1 fan 2} RPM
Front Chasis Fan Speed $alignr${hwmon 1 fan 6} RPM


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