Adding or Installing Extra HDD to Ubuntu Linux

This operation use to involve a series of many command lines and text editing on "/etc/fstab" configuration file. Now with PySDM, all those manual steps can be simplified with a GUI driven program.

Install PySDM
Copy, paste and hit enter button on your command terminal:
sudo apt-get install pysdm
Running PySDM
System >

Configure Extra HDD to Auto Mount on Boot Up

The HDD shown below only have one volume. If the HDD has more than one volume, it will show right under the "sdb" tree.

Accept all defaults for simplicity and click apply button for PySDM to write to /etc/fstab configuration file.

Mount button can be click to mount the HDD volume without rebooting the system.

Close the program and reboot the PC and check if the volume or HDD configured auto mounted.

  1. PyGTK Storage Device Manager
  2. GUI Fstab Editing with PySDM


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