Understanding ext4 filesystem

  1. Supports max volume (it's partition to those windows geeks) of 1 Exbibytes.
  2. Supports max file size of 16 Tebibytes.
  3. Reduced file fragmentation.
  4. Better large file performance.
  5. Backward compatibility that enables ext2 and ext3 file system to be mounted as ext4 file system.
  6. Supports max of 64,000 subdirectories that a directory can contain. (ext3 can supports up to 32,000)
  7. Online defragmentation possible in future.
  8. Faster file system checking.

  1. ext4(wikipedia)
  2. Journaling File System(wikipedia)
  3. Comparison of file system(wikipedia)
  4. FAQ for ext2, ext3 and ext4


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