Directly upload photos to Facebook from webpages

This is the oldest trick in the book of web browsers. How many times you have found yourself downloading an image from the web or internet into your local hard disk and upload the image to your Facebook account so you can share it with your friends? I bet you have been doing this ever since you start sharing photos in Facebook. There is an old trick which i think should work on all modern web browsers where you can get Facebook to fetch the image or photo file from an webpage and automatically upload it to your Facebook account. All this without downloading the image file to your local hard disk first.
Important Note: Please do not use this to upload images or photos which do not belong to you. I am only using this to fetch my photos from my Google Picasa Web account for sharing in my Facebook account.

Step 1:
Copy the image URL of the image or photo by right mouse click on the image and select "Copy image URL".
Note: This example is based on Chrome web browser. Different web browsers may have different ways to get the image URL.
Step 2:
Go to your Facebook homepage and click the "Add Photo/Video".

Step 3:
Click "Upload Photos/Videos" and file selector dialog will appear.

Step 4:
Paste the image URL you have copied in "Step 1" into the "File name" field box.

Step 5:
Click "Open" and the magic begins.

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