How to synchronize Facebook's events to Google Calendar

This is how you can synchronize your Facebook's events such as friend's birthdays and invitations to your Google Calendar. With Facebook events synchronized to Google Calendar, you can keep track of your Facebook events from your Android's Calendar application too.

  • Go to your Facebook events calendar.
  • Click the settings button (Gear Button).

  • Click the "Export" option.
  • A "Export Events and Birthdays" pop-up will appear. Notice the two links in the pop-up; "export your friends birthdays" and "upcoming events". The links start with "webcal://" and these are the links that you can use to create a calendar in Google Calendar that synchronized with your Facebook events calendar.
  • Go to your Google Calendar page. Under the "Others Calendars" section at the bottom left section of the calendar page, click at the triangle button to drop down a list. 

  • Select "Add by URL" option.
  • Paste the "webcal://" links from the Facebook events pop-up window to create your Facebook friends birthdays calendar or your Facebook invited events calendars. They are now synchronized to you Google Calendar. Every time there is an additions or modifications to your Facebook calendar, it will be synchronized to your Google calendar.


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