Increase Samsung Galaxy Nexus battery life with Screen Filter

One of the biggest contributors of battery life drain is the big OLED screen on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. For some people like me, I still feels that even at auto-brightness setting of the OLED screen is still bright. I felt that if i can still get a little lower brightness and still gets the auto-adjust of the brightness according to the environment lighting, it would be awesome.

Screen Filter app provides me with an extra dimming factor on top of the overall auto-brightness setting. I can adjust how much extra dimming to apply on my existing brightness of my screen and still have the auto-brightness to adjust brightness according to my environment lighting.

After using this app, the extra battery life that i am getting prior to my usage is significant (subject to how much dimming you are applying). I applied 60% of brightness of what the screen is giving me now and i probably estimate to get more than an hour of battery life out of it.



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