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Cherok Tokun, Bukit Mertajam Hill

This hiking trail starts from the car park near the water cachement area of Cherok Tokun at Bukit Mertajam, Penang. This place is also known as BM Hill. There are many hiking trails around this hill. This hiking trail is considered the among toughest hiking trails at the hill. Coming down the hill, you will take the tarred road from the telecommunication towers and midway through you will take the jungle trail back to the car park where you started the hike. 

Stats :
Duration : 2 hours 18 minutes
Length : 5km
Average Speed : 2.2km/h
Vertical Up (Elevation Gain) : 649m
Vertical Down (Elevation Loss) : 653m

Map & Elevation Profile:
Cherok Tokun, Bukit Mertajam Hill

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