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Adhesives or Glue Chart for your sticky moment

Click for larger version

This is a handy chart to guide you on which adhesive or glue to use on different types of materials. Print this out and stick it to your garage wall.

iRova KK8 Battery Teardown

The old battery
My iRova KK8 robot vacuum battery finally gave up after 12 months of almost daily use. Some times I would just setup the timer and leave it for few days when I go out of my home for holidays. At the 10th month, the iRova KK8 can only run for 30 mins compared to 90 mins when its brand new. By 12th month, it can only run 20 mins. So thats when I decided to get a new battery from iRova. It cost me RM180 and I think it's a reasonable price to pay.