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How to save as a new file extension using the same current filename in VBA macro

This is how you can save as a new file with a different file extension but the you would like to use back the same file name as the current file you are saving from. This is a VBA macro code for Ms Excel, Ms Project or any other Ms Office product that uses VBA macro for automation.

How to estimate a minimum pageviews for a targeted Google Adsense earning from CPC and CTR

Ever wonder how many Google Adsense page views you need to earn $100 per month for your website or blog from Google Adsense? These are the calculations that will guide you to plan a target Google Adsense page views to earn your target monthly earning base on your recent CPC (Cost Per Click) and CTR (Click Through Rate).

Enable Auto Sync When WiFi is connected in Android

This Tasker profile recipe will only enable my Android Auto Sync feature whenever there is a WiFi connection. This helped me to maximize my Android battery life and minimize my cellular data usage.

Schedule your Android Auto Sync to maximize battery life with Tasker

One of the way to maximize your Android battery life is to avoid running your Auto Sync all the time. Through out the usage of my Android phone, I have accumulated quite a number of Android apps that uses the Anroid Auto Sync feature to get data into the Android phone. By using Tasker, I can schedule the Auto Sync to run every one hour for 5 minutes. My battery life improved significantly after that. Below is the recipe for the Tasker profile.

Make a vertical stand for your modem and router to save some table space

Since I bought my D-Link DNS-320L NAS filer, I was trying to find space on the table I placed my fiber modem and WiFi router together. With the addition of the NAS filer, the space of that table suddenly almost fully occupied. To save some space, I came with an idea if placing those modems and routers vertically to save one device space. I use my old Samsung Galaxy Nexus package box and cut out some opening to slot in those devices.